Friday, January 28, 2011

Week in Review

Week in review... well close enough anyways.

Monday was dress shopping.... hideous experience to say the least! (Shudder)

Tuesday... eventful day. I Filed for divorce... otherwise come September I would have been a bigamist. Thats some Utah shit if I have heard it. They said it will be 6-8 weeks. YAY! I am pretty happy, it has taken me a lot of therapy to get to this point.
After that I went to the chiropractor to get my fucked up back worked on. For some reason the dude looked way more swole than I remember. I mean really?Really? Anyways after that it was kids and homework and David was busy with work and I didn't feel like cooking so we went to Capitol Ale House.... YUMMY!
Perfect food. Mostly German inspired stuff a fatty like myself would enjoy. And I did thank you. The apple pie... was fan fucking tastic.I seriously took a picture to remember it. ( Holy shit I need to work on my relationship with food.) I got an email from a baker I wanted for my wedding telling me she had one remaining slot for my wedding date and two other women were interested... it only cost me 100 buck to procure her. Sorry bitches Fat Girl is mine!

 Wednesday ... It was a fucking shit storm of laundry. Let me let you in on how many loads I do a week....There's mine(2) Davids(2)Picky and Doodle (1) Princess (1) Baby(1) Towels(2) Whites (1) Sheets(8) That's 18 if I did my math right. I did fail algebra I 2.5 times before they put me in the retard class. (oops is that PC? Oh well, fuck it)I got a call. God must have know I was about to put my head into the oven if I have to sort,wash,dry,fold,stack,put away another load of laundry. It was MRS.D! Oh God bless you MRS.D and your day off. I got a trip to hobby AND adult conversation. What a lucky gal I was that day. So what I spent 54 bucks on ribbon and fabric. Oh and it snowed while we were there. Yay.

Thursday, cleaned house and was surprisingly productive for it being a snow day. Got my ass to the gym after a nummy meal of New Orleans style chicken. ( I have monetized this blog,so I don't know if I can say the name) Get home, kids go to bed, baby is a nightmare to get to sleep, get frustrated and fight with David. Just made up with him so its all in a days work.

How was your week in comparison?


  1. So glad I could save you on Wednesday! :) If I wasn't broke, I'd suggest another outing tomorrow. But alas, my paycheck won't go through til Saturday.

  2. You can come over for panera broc andcheese soup and watch me suck at my life , like some sorta caged animal at the zoo.