Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Krista is an Idiot

This is a segment I am going to call "Krista is an Idiot" and it will be an on going series... as long as I am an idiot that is.

Sunday we take the family out for breakfast , our weekly ritual. David turns on the van and turns off the vents as he straps Baby in his seat. I jump in my seat as he buckles into his. He backs down the driveway and starts to our destination.

" Oh my GOD! DAVID! What the hell are you trying to do? Freeze us to DEATH?"
I reach over and turn the vents on full blast... It doesn't help.... FUCK its freezing and now its windy!

"Umm actually, I am trying to do the exact opposite." He reaches over and turns them off.

" Turn them back on! You have to let them blow all the cold air out!"

Uh oh... I see the look on his face.....
"HAHAHAHAHAHA! Honey, the engine has to warm up before it gets warm. Other wise you are just torturing yourself.HAHAHAAHA Thats cute."

"HUMPF." (That's me snorting then crossing my arms.)
Yeah.. Krista is an Idiot.

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