Monday, January 31, 2011

Busy B(itch)

I think there is something wrong with me. No I am not sick....o.k. ... well maybe in the head. Some reason I hate to be doing nothing.I am sure Ms.Therapist has tons of insight... but at this point in my life I don't want to admit it COULD be a problem. Maybe I am ADD or ADHD, it could be my impulse disorder or it could be all of the above. It could be that I am not ready to think about myself or my life in a critical fashion that isn't self-deprecating. No matter what the reason ( yeah yeah yeah... the reason does matter how else will it be treated,blah blah blah) I am always busy with a capitol B.

Take this weekend for example, I could have had a rather peaceful one since exactly 50% of my children went with their dad (I use this term loosely) and I had the 2 easier kids. One can take care of most his own needs (cue Hallelujah and angels and sparkles and shit) and the other stays in one place and naps almost all day. What does Krista do? HA! This woman decided to take a tour of a venue, make dates at the gym, a therapy appointment, a drawn out disagreement with David, clear off and repaint a china hutch, clean out the basement( Hoarders style) and move in a new executive desk from craigslist. I am in the middle of the last and the weekend has a few more hours in it and I am neither done, nor have I done my normal weekend chores.

Someone hide me from next week. It's scrubbing the house top to bottom and volunteering at the kids school (Yes, you can now say you know the assistant cupcake decorating class teacher ) Then there are of town guests, one of them being my future father in law, HI DAVE!!! And some friend from David's childhood or something. And then there is the gym... but there is a plus side to all of this...CAKE TASTING!!! Next Saturday we are cake tasting for our wedding cake.

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