Tuesday, January 18, 2011

LOST: My sexy

Mail time is huge in our house, most of the pay checks from the business come this way. So you can see why mail time is a big deal. Today is no different, I hear the mail truck and yell down for David. I put on my slippers and walk out there with him. Its nice, if just for a moment, to be alone with him. We open the mail box and I reach in and pull out the mail. I hand it to David and he starts sorting though it. 
"Mine, Yours, Mine, Yours"
In his stack bills,bills,bills, junk, and MONEY!
In mine? Life insurance solicitations for Baby, notification of an open house at a Montessori school we looked into, Yankee Candle catalog ( YES!) and Fredericks of Hollywood.
The first 2 get ripped up post haste, the third gets first dibs on my time and the last... ugh. Why am I even getting this!?! I look though quickly and I think to myself "Who wears this shit? Why?" 
Uh Oh. I immediately realize I have lost my sexy. This is not good. I still carry on a more than healthy sex life (amazingly enough) but seeing these women in these tiny little string suits? It makes me wonder if I am missing something. 
I am lucky if I get to shower and shave my legs before getting to business. Hell, ask David, its a treat when I scrape the spit up off and get out of breast milk stained clothes. When would someone have time do even put on one of those complicated contraptions much less get out of it?  I mean the few things that I do own, don't stay on long enough to justify the cost, let alone the time. 
Thats it, That is it! I have lost my sexy. Poor David. Thank God he loves me, in sickness and in health, for richer and richer, and most importantly sexy or not.
Where oh where did my sexy go?

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