Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Day. WTF?!?! Part One

I have been up for about 30 minuets officially. I have, however, been up many times since going to bed last night.
The kids are out of school because of some ice *cough*BULLSHIT*cough*.  Two of the kids have coughs meaning its a "Snow Day"  cracked out and hopped up on 'roids. Thanks makers of Albuterol I like it when my kids can breathe and all but do they have to run around like little crack fiends? Could your next formula make them drowsy? It's going to be a long day after a long night.

Princess and Doodle came home from Scumbags with fevers and coughs ( like hacking up a lung kind). All night long I hear *cough cough cough, hack hack , cough cough * I gave Princess her Rx and Doodle a new Rx, since he has never had it before I am convinced he will have an allergic reaction or OD and die in his sleep. Laying in bed all I can do is let my anxiety disorder take over. So I slide out of bed as soon as David starts snoring, tip toeing down the wood floors is near impossible.  Doodle is in the bed , motionless.
Whew! Dodged a bullet this time.  I crawl into the tiny twin bed next to him. He turns to face me ... (aww he is looking cute and sweet right now, he's going in for a hug... maybe a kiss, and an I love you?)
  OOOOhhhhh! Right in the face!
This is pretty much how it goes as long as I am in his bed. Finally around 3 in the morning I can't take any more. I get up give him a glass of water and slip into my own bed.
Ahhhh! nice cool sheets, dark quiet room... sleeeeeepp..... zzzzzzzz....

Damn it! I just fell asleep. If I lay here long enough maybe David will wake up soon and get him. I hope.
 I feel him stir... wait for it... wait for it....
     "Sweet Heart? The baby needs to be nursed"
 Mumble, mumble.
   " I am going to change him so you can nurse him, okay?"
SCORE! " Yes dear"

        As soon as he is done nursing, I gently nudge David ( he would tell you violently kicked. Tomato, Tahmato, right?)
  "Put the baby away, pluhleeezzee"
"Thanks babe" I finally settle in getting a good two hours sleep before....
Again? REALLY Baby? What happened to my baby who slept from 9pm-8am

David gets up this time with little prodding knowing it's time to go to work anyways. I nurse the baby and David goes off to work...the commute is killer.. two whole flights of stairs. Ugh its 530am, I am not even going to bother putting Baby in the bed. I keep him in bed with me and he nurses at least one more time before we get up.

Once we get up it's time for breathing treatments.. and that means kids basically spinning their wheels , literally. I am being bombarded with request, demands, fits of whining and someone bum rushing the bathroom I am using and pulling their pants down wanting to "pee wif mee".

This is going to be a long day, wish me luck.


  1. I have my hands full with the dog. I have no idea how you juggle all this!

  2. It is a challenge. But lots of wine and belly laughs help. and of course when all else fails (sex)

  3. So after all that I no longer have reasons to whine. You're one strong mama!!!

  4. You know what I think makes it funny? My anxiety disorder make me think some wonky things.