Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Day. WTF?!?! Part Two

The rest of the day wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. David and I had a business meeting this morning (Yes I totally snarfed down a Hardee's egg and cheese biscuit before it) Ugh I really need to stop emotionally eating. I am trying on wedding dresses in a week. When we got home it was already nap time( the most glorious time of the day!)

Around 2:30 I start getting hungry again I eat some food bar thats supposed to keep you"FULL".
What a crock! 15 minutes later I am still hungry and it is time to wake up the kids and get them ready to go to the gym with me. There is no way I am going to make it to the gym by 3 now( at my gym any baby under a year needs an appointment).What do I do? Fuck it, I'm eating. Getting the kids up, dressed , and in the car is a hassle anyways. I can't just leave them hanging. So I call them, I make up an excuse ( I can't tell them I am a fatty who chose eating over coming in)
" Hi , This is Baby's mom. We had an appointment today which we won't be able to make. He is sick. I am so sorry we can't come in today."
 "Okay. Let me see here... ah there you are... Baby ... at 7pm. So do you want to keep tomorrows appointment?"
"No go ahead and keep that. Thanks so much."
" Thank you, We really appreciate the call!"
DOH! I am an idiot. If I had know I had all those hours left to procrastinate and dread coming in I wouldn't have canceled.

After this I veg for a bit before trudging upstairs to wake the kids. I am only waking them up because if I wait any longer Doodle will poop the bed and not nursing since 1 my boobs feel like they are going to burst. I get the kids snacks and Baby fed. Princess has been harassing me to start a scrapbook she recieved for her birthday. Today is just as good a day as any. Sitting down with her and doing this made us both happy.
Seeing her getting into scrapbooking was a nice experience, since I also enjoy it. When she was talking about it at dinner she said " Dad, Mommy and me did some crap today." The boys burst out in giggles.
"Allie don't talk like that."
   " I think she meant 'CRAFTS' David ."
Dinner time is always an event.


  1. I just realized I posted this before David edited it,OOPS.