Friday, August 19, 2011

Playing Catch Up

FamiuI have been absent for a few months. Busy. Tons of shit going down. Lots of stories to tell. I have had a few fans people ask when I am going to start writing again, so here I am. I am here. I am , you are, we are here. How Suessian of me. Cut me some slack,  I have survived another summer break in which I have been up to my eyes in the great works of Suess. I have hardy had time to keep the arch in my eyebrows much less blog. I was taking kids to the pool, theme parks, park parks, cleaning, vacations, and loads of keeping my head above water. One thing I did for myself this summer was learning how to sew, and I have been busy with my new obsession. I am redecorating a playroom., so I can put my talents to good use.

Biggest news from this summer??? I got married! I know from my last post it seemed unlikely. In true David form it was totally spontaneous, random and wonderful all wrapped into one. On a Monday night sitting on the patio to Thursday getting married on the patio is how it went. Of course this is after we were right in the middle of planning a wedding, spending loads of dough and canceling it. It quite possibly was the best day of my life. We had some family, some friends and BBQ! I cried, he cried, the kids acted up, it was beautiful. I did everything myself, with the help of friends and family setting up. After everyone left we went out to the deck and danced by the glow of my string light ball thingys ( you know the kind you have at a bbq , think Famous Dave's lighting) I never wanted it to end. (and in my version of heaven I get to have those moments you never want to let go of , over and over) I am getting all weepy just thinking of it. It's true love. Or maybe it's just my hormones, its a sweet thought just the same. Here are some of the pics. ENJOY!

The cake I stayed up till 3am baking and and up to the hour before decorating. I botched the white cake mix. So David saved the day with the emergency FunFetti mix.

Best first kiss.

We are officially a family now.

So happy Stacey could make it. I <3 her!

My neighbor Carrie. I don't know how I would have survived in this house without her.
Whether it be a baking dish, a rake or a babysitter, her family is always there.

Yes, I had paper plates and plastic forks at my wedding. It was so down to earth we could have eaten off the floors (That I scrubbed by hand because I am a tinsy bit OCD).

Not every baby gets to eat his mommy and daddy's FunFetti wedding cake.

Surveying the land. 

And that was the best night of my life!

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