Thursday, August 25, 2011

30 Days About Me Day 24:Where You Live

I am jumping in late,what else is new. I seriously just found this and thought it would be a nice way to network and meet other blogger.

  I am from Fredericksburg VA. I was born in a hospital in Richmond VA because back then the hospital was very small and I was apparently a high risk baby, but I was raised on my family's farm in Fredericksburg. I spent time bouncing around the Hampton Roads area, but I eventually ended up back home. The area is growing (which means nicer neighborhoods, shopping and restaurants) but the downtown area still has a main street America feel. It is a beltway community, in between Richmond and Washington D.C.
  If you know anything about early American history, Fredericksburg was a big part of it, hosting many founding fathers and civil war battles. We have also been in the headline because 2 major serial killers have been here (DC sniper was one of them, the other too horrific to name, google it if you must.) Obama and Biden spoke here once. I was in the VIP section... because of a SHIT ton of volunteering I did. More recently there was the earthquake that started about 20 mi from town. 
Best Parts of Fredericksburg:

 Carl's. If you have ever eaten here, you were probably in line for a while.

Best fresh doughnuts in town. Best while pregnant.

The Luminaria to remember fallen civil war soldiers from the battle of Fredericksburg.
(This is an amazing sight to see, I help set up once with my sons scout troop)

Caroline Street. Hasn't changes much.Home to antique malls, restaurants and some scrummy boutiques. 

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