Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I found this on my friends blog and thought I might give it a try. I take advantage of any chance to look at the bright side (since raising kids has few, think cleaning barf out of carpets, sleepless nights, braces ,college tuition,Ect;)

If you want to join here is the blog it came from:Jamie's blog.

This is what I am loving this Wednesday: 

  1. That my family is safe and nothing major(other than my sanity,the kids were SUPER Effing crazy plus a teething baby and an earthquake) was damaged in yesterdays earthquake. Especially since my house is between ring 2 and 3 on this picture.

   2.That school is starting tomorrow. I don't think I need to say why. I will shed HAPPY tears and that big yellow limo totes those little hellions away for a few hours. (Not loving I am STILL at home with the hardest 2.The older ones are less work, more fun)

 Ahhh! Salvation in the form of a Peterbilt.

  3.I like my friend am loving IKEA. I had my very first trip last week. AMAZEBALLS! I got my catalog a few weeks ago and SINCE I am re-doing the playroom and making a formal living space this place is perfect. They have a gorge white couch that is a fraction on something I REALLLLLLY love from Pottery Barn.

I bet you cant tell which is which, nice+* right?

   4.I am loving the music from the Black Keys. I will always have a special place in my heart for cheese-tastic Britney Spears , it is close to the spot where my BFF's from middle and high school are. But I am a grown up and my tastes reflect that now. These guys are gooooood. Hubby? After the Mumford and Sons tix I NEEEEEEEEED.... These guys are second on my list.


  5.I am loving that hopefully next weekend we will be on our way to Connecticut to see the FIL. I like it up there and if it weren't for my awesome friends and neighbors I would be BEGGING at his feet to move us up there. I want an adorable colonial... but not a faux-lonial like we live in now. A real one.

That's what I am loving this week. How did I do guys?

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