Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holy Mother of God, That Was an Earthquake.

Are my catholic roots showing? They would have been even more visible had I not lost my beautiful Swarovski rosary I was given for my first communion.

As I was laying in bed nursing the baby to sleep (have I mentioned that he is teething, making him a FUCKING NIGHTMARE today?)

These are my thoughts as they happened:

  1. Oh, thank you sweet lord he is FINALLY asleep.
  2. As soon as his body goes totally limp I am going to move him
  3. I hope Doodle went to his room like I asked
  4. Ahhh...time to move the baby
  5. Ohh wow.. that helicopter is flying low
  6. ohh shit my whole bed is moving
  7. ohhhh... damn it, the washer is out again
  8. Whoa! there is no way my washer is this strong
  9. Jesus Mary and Joseph I think its an earthquake
  10. FUUUUCCCKKKK! Please don't let the baby wake up!
Looked out the window (nothing else seemed to be moving) I scooped up the baby and went out into the hall. Princess and Doodle were out there and looking scared. I ran down to the stairs and met David in the laundry room, as soon as he turned off the machine the shaking stopped.

"Holy FUCK! Was that the washer?" I asked

"I don't know. It stopped once I turned it off...but the entire basement was moving. All the cabinets downstairs are open."

"Well it could have been. Heavier loads make it shake more, stuff falls off the walls and it moves sideways."
I said

He starts moving the washer around, shaking it , then bracing it against the dryer.

"Man, that's one crazy machine."

I go back upstairs, Princess is upset because a lamp fell off her desk and Doodle is so oblivious he runs back to his bed. I lay back down with the baby and I almost have him back to sleep when David burst into the room " IT WAS A FUCKING EARTHQUAKE!"

"SHH! Get the baby back to sleep."

No I am not worried that the Apocalypse may be upon us, no I am worried that baby gets his nap in. Oh and now that school will be canceled.

I go turn off Princess' lamp explain what happened, promise to keep her as safe as I can and move on to Doodle's room.  He is in bed , wearing a white Easter dress , and playing with one of Picky's trophy's. ( God this kid is WEIRD!) David joins me and asked Doodle if he knew what an earthquake was. Doddle's response?
"It's where the people... they fall off the earth."

Hope everyone is safe (especially since most of my followers are my friends and we live like 20 min away from the blast zone. Is that the right word?) How was your earthquake day?

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