Sunday, April 17, 2011

Krista is an Idiot

I wonder if there will ever come a day where I can stop writing these... I doubt it. Until then I will continue to fill you in on all the ways I am an idiot. Thursday I was an overbooked, distracted kind of idiot. Nothing major.. just the usual stress induced idiocy.

For example... I woke up late ( HAR HAR HAR... what's strange about that?ANYWAYS...) , thankfully we have been raising the kids to be independent. This means by the time my feet hit the floor in the morning they are dressed, lunches packed when they are packers and more recently they have fed themselves. Or more accurately Picky has made cereal for everyone. It might seem weird to you that I am not doing all this myself. It really isn't. I have done this the past (nearly) 8 years. Picky being able to master things and move within his world independently is important to all of us. He loves being able to do things without me over his shoulder, and I feel like it is better preparing him for a world without me ( just this thought makes me tear up, but I have 10 more years with him, and if you think of how fast the last 8 have gone by... its not enough :(        ) 
 So I rush the kids out the door after they are done eating and getting shoes and book bags on. I don't have time to drive them, otherwise it wouldn't be so hectic. I can't be late because I need to get the little and baby boys ready and in the car in 30 min. so I can get to my sisters house , pick up crazy eyes and take him to work while their car is in the shop.
(WHEW! This is hectic but I can manage!) I get it done in record speed and am on the road in no time at all.
(FUCK YEAH! If you have ever made plans with me post baby number 3 you understand this is unheard of)

   I am cruising down the road , having a good time , rocking out to something hardcore I am sure (ahem... looks around SHHH! It was really Lady Gaga.SHHH!)At a stop light I text Lala ( I didn't do it while actually driving, safety first!) telling her I will there in a few. I am HALF way there when she texts me back... "found a ride last night... oops should have told you.. sorry."

GWAARRRRRAHHHH!!!!! Are you FUCKING kidding me... are you serious. DO you know how HARD it is to do what I just did???( never mind it could have been harder had I not raised my kid to be self reliant.) I busted my ass trying to get the kids on time, and get Doodle and Baby ready... and myself in less than 30 min. Do you know how much work that is????? And to say it was all in VAIN????? RRRRR!

Oh well I am close to the store I needed to get jeans from ( since my fatty jeans literally fall off of me. Go me!!!) Might as well make the best it!

I stop off at Davids mom's so I can drop off her glasses she left at my house. Mistake... she is a gabber for sher! This puts me way behind schedule , and now baby needs to be nursed.... and I need gas. Ugh! I have somewhere to be at 11... and it is now 10am. I get to the store, unload the kids start grabbing what I think is my size, try them on, then I run around trying to find flip flops for the ENTIRE family. Doodle is walking and getting into crap. UGGHH! Stop touching EVERTHING. He won't, he is happily prancing around the store in his witch dress. I get him to move it to the register so I can pay...I look at the time 1043am SHIT! Got to get a move on. I text the person I have plans with and let her know my folly. It's cool she says. I run home to change and to get Doodle in some clothes. I run out of the house and start driving down the street...Oh crap forgot my phone.... I reverse half way up the street , almost hitting my neighbors mailbox in the process. Ooops. I pull into the drive , thank GOD! I remembered to forget something, otherwise I would have forgot to shut the front door. SIGH. I am an Idiot...
  I gets better, I get to the park and find my friend. She tells me where everyone else is and asks if I could tell them to start heading to where she is. I find a group of mommies eating lunch with their babies and tell them "Hi! My name is Krista and so and so says to start heading over when you are ready."
   Why are they looking puzzled... " So and so says she's ready for us... over there..." I point to my friend.

One looks up at me and says "Who?"

"So and so?"

"Sorry... we don't know a so and so..."

Oh wow! This is real awkward.
"Oh oops sorry...."
Wow, I feel so silly right now. I tell my friend what happened and she tells me " I told you they are there."

"OOps sorry, I wasn't paying attention to anything you said to me, sorry."

Sigh, alone these things aren't that bad, but all together in a matter of 3 hours , its pretty over whelming. If I actually took the time to recount these things in full detail it would have been worse. But I am on vacation and I have been doing this an hour already and now I am being harassed to wrap it up and go to breakfast. Ok.. well I am the one harassing everyone else...but whatever. Have a Happy Sunday!


  1. LOL... Gotta love the perpetually late mommy's. Happy to be in that group! and Happy Sunday to you too!

  2. Haha. I left the keys in the front door and am late for EVERYTHING now as oppose to being incredibly early and I only have one child right now!