Saturday, August 20, 2011

Don't You Know It's Saturday?

I am seriously going to go on a rampage. Baby, is killing me. Seriously. He is at my feet screaming. Why? Not a fucking clue. But the sound is making me want to claw my eyes out. It's Saturday, you know the weekend. Most people can you know.. rest, have a break from the day to day bull shit that consumes the other 5 days. Yeah not me. I am pretty much stuck doing the same fucking shit because David is either working or wanting to relax. Who is stuck dealing with the kids as per usual? Me. And I am getting pretty fucking fed up. I want a break from the baby too you know. I am going to cry right now I am so overwhelmed. It's not like David is a slack ass. He works an 80 week. So I get it. And the times he does take the baby off my hands I spend it trying to get the things I can't do with a screaming baby on my hips. I would just like an afternoon away, with no kids, and no husband calling me up bitching about the kids. I just want one afternoon, once in a while. I live my life for 5 other people, I just would like the time to live it for me.

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  1. Where's the "me too" button? And I only have two!