Thursday, August 25, 2011

And They're Off

It's the first day of school, YAY! We finally made it. I thrilled to report the kids are off at school. When they come back they will most likely be exhausted and want to nap before dinner. After that its off to work them out on the soccer field, then showers and then they will be so tired they won't have the strength left in their tiny little body's to fight us off at bedtime(which will be early woop woop!).I will (begrudgingly) admit I am kinda sad. I miss them, I really do ( I do NOT miss the work load and screaming matches, however). It reminds me that here I am, one more year closer to there being no more back to school days. My days of standing at the bus stop with my camera and their siblings are numbered. Sometimes the days seem like they will never end ( since I was raised catholic I tend to think this is purgatory) but when I look back, it makes me realize how fast it really is going. Cue the tears. I promise I will stop being such a ninny when they come home and start rummaging though the fridge and being so loud they wake up the baby. Right now however, I am going to reminisce over the past first days of school. I thought it might be nice to share some with you guys (while I cry so hard I am in danger of ruining the key board on my laptop).

 Picky's first day of school 2008
 He was so proud to walk down there with the big kids.
 He ran so fast I couldn't get a decent shot.
Princess was 3 and a half, She was sad to see him go.
Doodle was about 18 months old.
Princess off to head start 2009.
I couldn't find the ones of Picky that year, I think the are on David's Computer
First Day of School  2010.I got better pics the next day.
Next year it will be all 3 of them.

Me next, Mom!

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