Sunday, February 27, 2011

Here Comes the Bride (Part 2)

Today was round 2 of wedding dress shopping ( if you are here in my head you will hear those boxing ring bells ringing). It went much better today, for two reasons. One.. I went in with the notion.... " Today is the day I find my dress." and two I have lost 5lbs since the last time. For most people 5 pounds? Big deal. You are right, BIG DEAL. When you are as short as I am , you eat a burrito and it shows up as soon as the last bite hits your mouth (as I write this I am savoring a taco from my favorite tex-mex restaurant).

I am giving a big shout out to TK, thanks so much! As always your opinion was weighted and appreciated. Thank you to Lala, Thanks so much for keeping others inline and protecting the day. I look forward to going shopping for your wedding dress soon. I love you both :)

Here we go!

                                                               Dress 1

 This looked great on. It comes in ivory, which looks better with my skin tone. It was very flattering on my figure. My waist looked small, which is ALWAYS a plus.

Dress 2

This dress was also really nice. I likes the asymmetrical bodice and the vintage style embellishment on the sash. This would be perfect if the venue was taken into consideration.

                                                                   Dress 3
                                                        Disney's Cinderella

This is the Cinderella inspired dress. There were a few tears shed on this one, I must admit. Growing up I wore out my Cinderella Halloween costume. It happens to be one of my most cherished childhood memories. I wore several holes in the VHS my parents bought me when I was 3. The Diamond White was a sample dress, there was NO WAY I was going to get my ass in that one. That one was the perfect color and the skirt had sparkles.

                                                                     Dress 3
                                                             Disney's Snow White

The sales woman pulled this for me.. forgive me it was too small but it gave me an idea what it would look like on. I must say I was surprised. On the web, it was nice but I didn't think I was going to like it. But I did. This one also has a vintage vibe going on.

                                                                     Dress 4

I tried this on because I liked this in theory. My Step-dad liked this one. It was flattering , BUT I think this looked kinda generic. Like EVERYONE had one. Nothing super fab, but if I found nothing else, this would do.

                                                                  Dress 5

My mom didn't like the bodice on this one. I however did. It has almost all the pre-reqs. for a dress. Pickups? Check. Lace? Check. Train? Check. Pretty bodice? Check. Mom said the bodice cut me "off weird." It didn't look as good as I thought it could because it was a size 20.

I go back in 2 weeks (as long as ZSK works with his mommy) to try them back on and see if there is anything else. Should I try a mermaid cut?

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  1. I still like the Snow White dress and Cinderella dress as well.