Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY: Solar Light Jar

Ok don't get to excited, this is not a tutorial on how to make a solar powered light diode, nor is it an original idea. I am not that smart or talented. I saw a picture on Pinterest but could not find the original source, so I kind of made it up. I think the results were pretty nice, but the light I picked up was one of those blusish ones, I prefer the softer more yellow lights. So here we go... my light in a jar tutorial.

First you need to get :
A jar (must have a clear lid)
Rustolium Frosted Glass spray paint
A cheap solar powered light ( I found mine in the garden section of Target)
Hot glue or super glue

Make sure your jar is clean and dry. Mine was an old change jar that once housed peppermints from my husbands bachelor days. It still had a dirty man whore feel to it, so of course I had to spruce it up.

Then you spray paint the jar. I sprayed the inside, because if you did it on the outside you would risk chipping the paint. I would also tell you to put it on a piece of cardboard before you spray. Or else risk getting grass clippings in the wet paint. (I've done this with other projects and its a huge pain in the ass to fix) Also remember to do this in a well ventilated area. Unless you want to get high on paint fumes, if so have at it.

After the jar is dry ( I waited 24 hours) take your light fixture and remove the solar powered do-dad from the top. Adhere with glue. Be careful not to get the glue on the solar panel.

Let that dry.

Then turn it on, stick it in a sunny spot and wait till dark to enjoy!

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