Sunday, March 13, 2011

Whipped Cream

 Right now we ( David and myself) are getting ready to head down into the basement to watch 'Shameless'.
David is gathering up snacks, lime jell-o (he is on Atkins.. we all must suffer), while I do a pre-bedtime tidy.

Me" Hey do we have whipped cream?"

David "Nope."

Me" Isn't that whats in the green bowl, in the fridge?"

David " Yeah... but its past its prime."

Me"..... I used it yesterday."

David " Well go ahead and try."

I take the green bowl out and it looks alright to me.

David" You might want to stir that."

I take out the spoon and start to stir. Once I get past the surface its this nasty liquid underneath.
"Nope... not gonna work."

David " Hey I can make some really quick."

Me" Can you make it quietly?"

 I ask this because its after bedtime... thats why we get to watch T.V., and our house was built in 1996. For some ungodly reason whoever designed this house put a window from the room Baby sleeps into the playroom... which as it so happens is connected to the kitchen. It makes life a bit difficult when we want to do ANYTHING after his bedtime that involves the kitchen.

David pulls out the hand mixer and the metal bowl. I wonder how disastrous this is actually going to be. He starts walking of the kitchen and towards the laundry room. Ummm? WTF???

 David: "What time is it?"

Me: "10:11pm, why?"

David "Time me." He starts walking out the door, into the garage.

Me "You are making it in THERE???"

David "Yeah, thats where I made it last time."

Me: "No wonder it turned to shit so fast."

When he gets back he has me try it, of course its yumm, even though it is made with Stevia. Which as it happens... is not a horrible substitute for sugar. So YAY! for whipped cream made in the garage.

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