Thursday, March 10, 2011

Here Comes the Bride (Part 3)

Tuesday I went back to the bridal store. I wanted to try on the ones in my top 3 and there was another I wanted to try. It was a fitted flare. It wasn't my first choice, and it looked like there would be no way it would look good on my curvy figure (read: FAT ASS). Even my friend said she didn't think it was going to look right because the toothpick model (skinny bitch) looked curvaceous.

 The sales woman pulled the dresses I requested and I go back with her into the fitting room.
"Which one would you like to try on first?"

" Hmmm... I think I'll try on the newest addition. I need to get it out of the way... so I have more time to decide from the top 3."

"Ok, here we go!" She pulls the form fitting dress over my head and starts lacing the bodice.

" Don't forget to pull extra tight. I need all the skinny I can get."

" Wow! I think you are going to love this dress on you."

 Yeah, yeah , yeah.... you're supposed to say this shit... you want to make a sale. You either have a baby or a drug habit to support and you need to make this sale. Gotcha.
  I step out of the dressing room and in front of the mirror. I look over and see TK's face. Surprise... Shock? Whatever it was it was a good feeling (I hope, but I trust her not to lie to me). I take a look at my self, WOW! That sums it up.. WOW! The loud speakers start playing Jason Mraz "I'm Yours". It is a sign! The heavens have just opened up and there ... I see the hand of God in the corner. It's giving me a thumbs up!  The song is a sign because David likes the song. Because he is mine and I am his, and we are. Anyways, here I am, in this beautiful dress, listening to this song , with my friend standing next to me and 2 of my beautiful boys looking up at me (never mind one of them said I looked crazy). It is perfect... it really is ( and I don't believe in perfection, no matter how much I try to be it) I look at TK and start tearing up.
" Don't cry! I'm going to start crying if you do."
I can't help it. I don't know if it was hormones, the song, the emotions of being in LUUUV or the dress. This is it.. but... there is something missing...
"I love this.. and this is the shape for me....what about the one on the dress form?"
" I'll go get it for you..."
"Are you sure it's my size? It looks too small."
" I am sure it is, I will be back in a moment."

  She comes back and helps me into it. I go back out and look for approval from TK. I think I see it there, thats a good sign. I step in front of the mirror again. This time there is no tears, no feelings of love rushing though me. This time I gasp, and nodding.

" This is it! This is it! I found my dress!" I start jumping up and down. It looks like this dress is made for me! It is a modern shape with a vintage flare. It is dramatic and sassy. I look like 4 children have NOT marred my body. I look young and pretty (Pretty fucking hot, if I may say). It is nothing like I envisioned. It is not a princess ball gown, nor an A line with pickups and a colored sash. This is it. I have picked a dress. Half my battle is over! Well ... there are others lurking, like tablescapes , picking a china pattern and oh yeah..... paying for it (sorry David that's a battle you have to fight alone. I will cheer you on though.).

Without further adieu.... My dress.

Sassy, Sassy!
This is the size I ordered, after I told the woman this was it she tightened the bodice so I didn't look like I was busting out.
I hope I only look this this because of the angle I was standing.
This is me in the first dress... This is a good picture of my veil. Mine looks better because it wasn't a floor model. It was perfect... but the price tag made Me and David want to cry.


  1. So totally hot! Happy you finally found YOUR dress!!!!

  2. I LOVE IT! It is SO SO pretty and you look AMAZING! <3