Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Men v. (Wo)Men

David and I have this on going debate, Who is better/faster/smarter/stronger, man or women? I say women , he calls me a man hater. He says men, I say he is a chauvinist. Anyways there was a Dr. Phil episode on this very subject last week. We sat down and watched it together. All the while David is saying it's a crock, that this is the propaganda of men hating women. That women are out to prove all me are shit. I agree, not all men are shit.... just most. They came to the topic of pain tolerance, and of course they bring up one of the most painfully experiences a human could have... CHILDBIRTH! If you have ever had a baby , you know... it hurts like a MOTHER FUCKER! Literally, your insides are ripped out. My vagina hurts just thinking about it ,eck.
Anyways, I agree with the commemorators , woman have a high pain tolerance. 


David keeps going on abouthow the media is trying to keep the narrative going that mean are dumb, and weak, or whatever, and how he could handle child birth is he had to (sorry, I love you and all but... no). He is holding Baby in the air whilst railing against evil women ( I take pride in my evil thank you very much). I look at him just in time to see the curdled milk go from Baby's mouth... to his.

"Ahhh! OH MY GOD, Get me something, get me something QUICK." 
"Stop laughing at me and HELP! This is fucking disgusting!" He doesn't look nearly as amused as I am.
" HAHAHA, Weren't you JUST talking about how strong men were, and that you could handle child birth? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
"SHUT UP! This is soo different!Now please get me a towel!"

I am sorry, I am kinda evil. I thought this was hilarious. Sorry David.... Baby puke is so not on the level. I think for now we have come to a conclusion in this debate.. for now.

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