Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No More Online Gaming Co-Ops for You!

Saturday was a horrific day in our therapy session. Let's say there was more than a few choice words, raised voices and ended with a bang. That bang would have been me throwing my purse across the room at David and David storming out of the room. After the dust settled we were able to calm down and start working with each other. We needed some time alone to start mending the bridge we have been burning on both ends. Scumbag had to work so on his weekends I am his childcare (but when I need childcare... I have to figure it out, nice huh?). Thankfully I have Lala. She was able to take the kids overnight, which ended up being a true life saver.
Before we took the kids over I wanted them to clean their rooms ( huge pet peeve is a messy kids room).  They were in the room and were supposed to be cleaning ( Ahaha right...) I was in the kitchen washing the dishes and I hear yelling and screaming. Grr, damn it just pick up the toys and make your beds , without having me mico-manage.

 I yelled up the stairs "KNOCK IT OFF! Clean your rooms or no hot tub at Lala's!"
 I turned around to finish what I was doing, then I hear Doodle yelling at Picky , while stomping down the stairs.
"Dat's bad Picky I teewing mommy at you!"

Ugh! Christsakes once, I would like the peace to actually do housework.

" What is it now Doodle?"

"Mommmmy! Picky huwrt meeee."

Sigh,"What did he do baby?"

" He teabagged me."

Did he just say..... " He did what???"

"He teabagged me so hawrdely."

"HE DID WHAT??????"

He is looking at me like I am the biggest idiot." He Teabagged me too hard. You are only supposed to do it gentelwey. Not too much harder."

Oh God.

"Picky! Get down here NOW!!!!!"
 He scrambles down the stairs and asks what I want.

"What did you do to Doodle?"

" I dunno...."

" Don't play games with me. What happened?"

"I teabagged him. "

I can't help still looking completely shocked.
"Exactly what did you do to him? What does 'Teabagging" mean to you?"

"I teabagged him. That means I sat on him and jumped up and down on his stomach."

" Oh, whew, .... Don't do that again! You could hurt him. Now CLEAN UP!"

Oh boy! I thought he really meant he had pulled out his ... ah-hem... and well you know....
 Anyways, he didn't do "IT" but that means I need to monitor the content coming into this kids hands. Ugh, when does it end?

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