Monday, April 16, 2012

Meal Planning Monday

I am pretty terrible lately about meal planning and around 6pm doing this:

" David.. what are we going to do for dinner?"
" I don't know. What would you like to do?"
"If I knew I wouldn't have asked you, and dinner would be done by now."
"Babe, what are you in the mood for?"
" You know, the usual, wings, mexican or sushi.Kids what do?"
Gross. And the floor of my garage is littered with pizza boxes waiting for the recycle bin.
So here is a stab at becoming more organized, and eating less fatty shit. I might make this a blog hop one day.

Meal Plan for the Week of 4/16

Monday: Grilled Mac and Cheese Sandwiches sandwiches and corn on the cob.

Tuesday:  Lunch: Avocado egg salad
                        Dinner: Roasted pork loin with sauteed mushrooms and steamed (or raw, depending on which kid hates which)

Wednesday: Hot ham and fresh mozzarella sandwiches and croc-pot  baked potato soup.

Thursday: The busiest day here Broiled gnocchi and marinara with ricotta  , kids choice veggie.

Friday: Spicy cheesy grits with Shrimp and a side salad.

I will post recipes later in the week. 

Happy Monday Y'all!

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  1. That conversation you had with your guy sounds identical to ours! Meal planning is definitely the way to go! Make it a blog hop! I'll come! :-) thanks for following me! Following back. Your kids are precious!