Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Blessing in Disguise

Shit has been gettin' CRAY-ZAY here. My husband took on a new client a few months ago, we thought the volume was going to be heavy, so I started looking for a party time nanny. I even found a good match for our family, but then things didn't change enough to justify it. One day our landlord called and offered the house for us to buy, we jumped at the chance for a few reasons:

  1. We want to be homeowners (Husband wants to be a homeowner for the sake of building wealth and some other reasons.. but when he goes on I hear the teacher from Charlie Brown. I am scared shitless... when the toilet floods again... or a sinkhole swallows up our car... we are in charge!)
  2. We love our neighbors. ( I love a few.. but most are old as hell and or weird. Think Kevin Spacey from American Beauty. Husband hardly leaves the house so how would he know about our neighbors he "Doesn't want to loose.")
  3. We love our neighborhood. (For the most part this is true, the homes are nice, there is green grass and , children playing in the street.. because their parents don't watch Investigation Discovery or any Nightline, 20/20, obviously. The amenities are nice, but most are super religious, right-wing hacks who you can hardly talk about the weather with because the news is even biased about that!)
  4. The kids are settled in school. 
  5. We are settled (which.. is killing me S-L-O-W-L-Y inside.)
  6. We like our house.( READ: not LUURRVVVEE it, which in essence means we are busy business owner/operators with four small children, 3 fully packed stories and a 2 car garage full of shit I don't want to sort/donate/clean/pack in a matter of weeks.)
First we were all like " ACK!!!! We need to come up with MON-AY STAT!"  So were were saving and being thrifty like everyone does in this situation. One day 2 weeks ago there was a hail storm in the south and western parts of our state.  Then the work started pouring in... and it has been steady. Which means Husband is working 20 hour days and the kids and house have fallen (almost... because he is a good husband) completely on me. I have been tense but surviving, until last night. Princess was at the side of my bed at 330am after I had only been asleep for 2 hours, crying to sleep with me (second night in a row) and then she hacked for another hour until I couldn't take it anymore and called David to move her back. Once he moved her she started crying again, he got pissy and then I got pissy  and he stomped  down the stairs , thus waking up baby. Who by the way is my most trying child I have ever raised. I couldn't take it anymore , so I turned my fan up, put a pillow over my head and cried it out. This alone doesn't sound so bad but couple this with my hectic weekend alone with 3 hours of sleep and it is a recipe for a cranky mommy who tells her husband "Don't be surprised when I walk out on all of this shit." at 330am.

Alas, all of this work my husband is doing has covered out monthly expenses and given us the money we need to pay for this fucking house. I guess you have to take the good with the bad, like last night.. horrible night with the kids... good sex dreams including John Hamm.


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