Monday, August 6, 2012

What Have I Been Up To?

Whoa!!! Where have I been and more importantly what have I been up to? Lets start off with.. THE KIDS HAVE BEEN HOME ALL SUMMER!!!! AHHH!!!! I have been incredibly busy with doctors appointments, vacations , friends and visiting siblings. So busy that I can't believe that the kids start school in exactly 2 weeks. Here are some photos of our summer so far.

Strawberry picking in May.
 What's this?
 Let's get this family photo done so we can get out of here.
 We love when Grandpa comes to visit.
 Shrimp and Cheesy grits , perfect summer meal.
 Last day of school!

 The kids last time playing with our neighbors who moved.
 Loves his Cozy Coupe.
 Pool Party
 Doodle loves this kid.
 Picky's Birthday party.
 Brave Heart
 How long have we been friends?

 Yogurt finger paint.

 Aquarium with Gogo.
Looking at the estuary with Uncle Chris. 
 Giving Gogo permission to kiss him. 
 Like a boss.
 Doodle and Aunt Toria

 I have a picture of Doodle making the same face 5 years ago.

 They rode around the resort this way.
 I love raising my crazy boys, they make it fun. (Most of the time.)
 So over her brothers.
 Side walk chalk ice-cream?

 So fabulous.

Throw in lots of movies, naps and theme park trips you have our summer. How have you held up so far?

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