Thursday, January 5, 2012

White Couch

I want to start this by telling you that we are in the process of buying our house so I am nesting. That, and I have become addicted to Pinterest and have been inspired and on a mission to re-decorate my WHOLE house. This summer we moved the playroom to the basement, leaving a free room off of the kitchen. It has a fireplace and we have made it the "mommy/daddy playroom" ( get your mind out of the gutter , it is a room for us... to enjoy with friends... ok that sounds worse but you get the idea).

So we just had to have a couch in it... what else would we sit on? So we bought this:
(How pretty is this?)

Everyone thought we were crazy, 4 kids+1 white sofa= Disaster*10.
We thought they were jealous, just because their kids were peanut butter and jelly encrusted slobs , didn't mean ours are. No way was this a bad idea, and if something DID happen ( not likely) we could take of the cover and bleach it. 

Then this happened:

This is what happens when you try to poop in peace.

Yes... that is a hand print.

I didn't take a picture of the couch, I should have to illustrate the dark yellow spots that were bigger than a quarter on two of the cushions.  I thought ^ that was HIGHlarious, but  then David found the couch and it took me all my efforts to not go all Homer Simpson on Doodles ass.

All I could do was breathe... DEEP, HEAVY breathing. I had to come up with a plan of action. David started to clean off Baby while I went to the bathroom to clean off Doodle. It took 10 minuets to get his hand to where they wouldn't rub off on anything. When I went back into the kitchen David was shaking his head... then he turned Baby around... HOLY HELL! He was BLUE!!!!!!! His forehead and arm were BLUE. When he put water on the marker, it smeared everywhere. I couldn't help myself, I laughed to hard I peed a little. 
I had Doodle sit at the table for 3 hours:

Then I stripped off the couch covers, put them in the washer with a little bleach and crossed my fingers. When the washer was done I pulled them out..."DAVID COME LOOK!!!! Its all gone... they are perfect!" 
I knew I got a white couch for a reason, I am the smartest mom ALIVE! So I dried them , and when they were dried I put them on the couch. "DAVVVIIIIIDDD! Come look at this... does it look like they are a different color from the ones on the back?"

" Oh yeah.. wow, the couch was cream, now those cases are white.. like really white."

Shit, " I am so smart, S-M-R-T, I mean S-M-A-R-T."
Ugh, thankfully there was a recall on my slipcover ( when we put it together all the zipper pulls broke) and we can get it replaced. But I don't regret this gorgeous couch. 

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  1. Lol. . When I saw the picture of doodles hand and the title I almost choked on my yogurt. I though oh dear god please don't tell me the kids handprint decorated your couch.. I was sure o would be attending a funeral.